Friday Roundup

Happy Valentines day and hello from Puerto Vallarta! Jason and I are getting some sun and drinking Mexican Coke in preparation for shooting a wedding here tomorrow. Many photos to come for sure. I hope you have a wonderful weekend no matter where you are!

Pretend I sent you a Valentine and it looks like this. 

In trying to find the light & happy side of the Olympics, I appreciate that Team Italy wore Armani & Sweden wore H&M to the opening ceremony last week.

Historical images of breastfeeding.

Donna Karan uses New Yorkers, not runway models at Fashion Week.

RIP Shirley Temple Black, an amazingly talented woman on so many levels.

Jack + Rose

Parenting tips from Law & Order SVU

Pretty sure we won't see Evgeni Plushenko perform this routine in Sochi.

Thoughts on creating better content for bloggers.

Woman eating salad and other common stock photos of ladies.

Are you awkward? (According to this criteria, I definitely am, in case you're wondering.)

This seems to be a fairly accurate depiction of Facebook.

Image by Jason, we really do love Mexican Coke

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