Half a Year

On Monday, Myles turned six months old. Half a year. I can't believe it, time has gone so fast, this seems like just yesterday. I haven't had a chance to take his official six month photos yet but here are a few cute ones from the past week or so. I love the one I took of him up above, right before he took his bath. He was laying there looking so grown up I had to run and grab my phone to capture the moment.

These were taken the day of his six month check up at the pediatrician. He is one happy baby in the waiting room and then was totally cashed out after his vaccinations. He never ever falls asleep on me (he's not much of a cuddler) so I was in mama-heaven for a few minutes. 
Mylo with his best buddies, Kian (2.5 months) and Rory (six weeks). 

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