Grammy Weekend

I'm just realizing now, I haven't really blogged about the fact that I AM NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY. Me! Well, along with a lot of other really talented people. Jason and I and our bags of  fancy clothes are boarding a plane this morning to head to LA in preparation for Sunday night. Our category, Best Music Video, will be announced in the pre-telecast, but I'm excited to go to the main show and cheer for my friends too! 

Obviously winning would be cool, but I can genuinely say it's a huge honor just to be nominated, especially when you look at the people we are nominated against. CRAZY.  Beyond that, the whole thing is a bit overwhelming for me, although I felt the same about the VMAs and they turned out to be really fun. I'll report back next week. Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck! I did a couple of blog posts about my picks for the Grammy's (well, not every single category, obviously), and I definitely picked can't hold us! Not just because of my love for M&RL, but because that video was awesome and absolutely deserves to win.

  2. Good luck!!!! I remember the first time I watched that video -- I'm not even into hip hop really -- and I was blown away by the whole production. I feel so cool even feeling remotely connected