Friday Roundup

Happy Friday!! It is going to be a wet and windy weekend here in Seattle but I'm excited to spend some time with Patrick (who has been in Oregon the whole week) and Mylo (who is sitting up on his own!). Also, being that I'm definitely a fair weather fan-- Go Hawks!!

Here are some links to get kick off the weekend:

This just blew my mind! Downton Abbey actors being decidedly un-Downton. (Mrs. Hughes! Edith!)

Also, "Downton Tabby" (must buy immediately) and GIRLS remade with kittens as CATS (yesssss.)

The daily routines of famous writers.

25 healthy recipes for the new year.

The best infographics from 2013. Love the last meals one in particular.

Refinery 29 toured Target's AMAZING offices.

I really want this in purple.

Incredible 70 year old untouched apartment discovered in Paris.

How Olivia Pope would handle Chris Christie's bridge scandal.

Amazing window wall house and story.


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