Thirteen for '13

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?

I make myself a list of goals every year. As you'll see, they aren't really resolutions, more abstract ideas to make life better and to be honest, a few of the ideas on the list are pretty similar ever year, but the outcome is always different. Here you go!

Goals for '13: 

Try something new. (Last year, Teresa and I tried out trapeze!)

Read a really amazing book. Any recommendations? Here are a few I already love incase you're looking for suggestions...

More active activities. Skiing, hiking, yoga, etc.

Continuing to be thankful.

Step up the design & creativity on blog posts.

Approach all things in life as a great adventure.

When possible, walk/bike instead of drive.

Organize my home and office, one space at a time.

Do a crazy creative photo shoot, just for fun.

Cook @home more and invite people over to dinner.

Drink more water.

Take more personal photos & actually hang them in my house.

And finally, send out a 2013 Christmas card. (I figure if I start to plan it now, it might actually happen this time!)

I'd love to hear any goals or resolutions you have for 2013. 

Photo above, Jason & I in New York last September.

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  1. The picture of you two above is an example of a fun trip without a photo shoot, just for fun trip, that should be on your list. Happy New Year!