On the Road, pt. 3

A lot has happened in the last few weeks of tour, we spent a week in New York, made it down the east coast, all the way to Florida and completely across the country to California, but here are a couple of highlights... 

I finally got to visit New Orleans, a city that's been on my list to see for a long time. We were there pretty briefly, it was very rainy and I spent most of the time doing work on the bus, but I still managed to get some gumbo, jambalaya, make it to Cafe du Monde and briefly walk around Canal Street.

In Houston, JJ Watt gave us a tour of the Houston Texan's stadium and locker rooms.

In New York, we were wowed by our very own Mary Lambert at Subculture.

I got to spend Thanksgiving with my good friend Chelsea in Houston and then finished out the night bowling with Jason, Ryan and Jackie.

I sort of cheated and actually went home for a few days that we had off this week. It was so nice to see my cats and sleep in my own bed and of course, get a lot of needed work done.  Between that little taste of home and seeing everyone posting their Christmas trees on Instagram, I'm feeling pretty ready to decorate one for myself. 

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