On the Road, pt. 2

Hello again from a tour bus! Since my last post, we've been to Detroit, Chicago, Columbus, Penn State (aka the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania), Boston, Buffalo and Syracuse.

We're currently en route to New York City for three shows and a couple of days off. I'm definitely looking forward to being in the city and have been slowly adding to a mental shopping list: fingerless gloves, boot socks & leg warmers, a really good lotion- since Northeast weather has made my skin super dry and, most importantly, a birthday present to send to my mom!

I'm still really enjoying life on the road! It's been fun to see friends along the way and I love the predictability of show days and getting to rest and explore on days off.

Photo of me by @nickmahar from an inromptu rooftop shoot in Chicago. 

Here's the last few weeks of tour life via instagram...

I actually got to spend a little bit of time with Jason today in Syracuse. 

I have a laundry in Michigan!  Before I came on tour, I was a little worried I'd be living in dirty clothes, thankfully we're able to send out our laundry fairly often.  I've never lived anywhere without a washer & dryer so laundromats are still a novelty. 

Ed Sheeran joined us in Buffalo to hang out for the day and even jumped on stage to sing "Same Love" with Mary Lambert. Here they are rehearsing. (via @joelrclare)

We had a great night off in Columbus, Mary Lambert invited everyone to her room to watch a contestant on The Voice sing her song! It was really special to get to share the experience with her. (via @missjpeg)

While I was kicking it with most of the band and crew having a couple of days off, Jason jetted to New Orleans and New York with Macklemore & Ryan, including going to one of the strangest award presentations ever-there were babies involved, babies. ( via @jkoephoto)

In Chicago, I got to have a lovely evening with some of my favorite ladies. Even through we're all on tour together, most days everyone is super busy working so it's nice when we actually get to relax and hang out.  

Boston was a really really really fun show. (via @jkoephoto)

The perils of living on a bus- sometimes you wake up an a new city, excited to get into your hotel but bus driver parks too close to a curb and you can't get your bag out! Thankfully my dilemma was quickly fixed. (via @honnabriggs)

To see more fun from the road as it happens, follow me @jennykoekoe and the friends I borrowed some of the above photos from on Instagram! 


  1. Laundromats are a novelty to me as well, well worth the picture! :) Enjoy the rest of the tour.

  2. Jenny, you are so photogenic!

    p.s. Love living vicariously through your tour blurbs and pics :)