On the Road...

It's 3:56AM central standard time and I'm wide awake on a shiny black tour bus en route to Auburn Hills, Michigan. Since October 20th I've been in Portland, Spokane, Missoula, Boise, Omaha and Des Moines on the US leg of the  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis world tour. Oh, and Jason and I made a quick jaunt back to Seattle in the middle of that to shoot a wedding. Life has been a little crazy, but as I'm settling into the routine, I'm really loving it. I figured the best way to tell you all about tour would be through the lens of my iPhone, so here you go! 

At every venue the film crew gets a room to set up, hang out, stash our gear, etc. since most of these venues are arenas we usually get some sort of locker room. In Portland we were at the Rose Garden, where the Blazers play. We got the referees' locker room where I took the above selfie in a mirror. Naturally I wore my Blazers tee, which is "vintage" in that Jason got it new as a 6 year old in 1990 and now it fits me! 

Here's Jason with a Red Epic on stage in Portland during a rehearsal. 

This is where I made Jason stop and take a photo with me in a weird hallway halfway through the show in Spokane. 

 There are 5 semis carrying all of the stage, lights, sets, etc. It's crazy to see the crew unload it, set it up then take it all down and pack it back up at the end of the night. 

Here are the bunks on the bus! Every day we wake up in a new city, set up happens, then the show, everything's taken back down and packed back up and then we hop on our bus to sleep through the night only to wake up in another city and do it all again. I think I'm starting to understand why babies like sleeping in cars so much, I've been sleeping really well in my dark little cave with the white noise of the engine and sway of the road. 

I got sick in Boise. Thankfully Jason and I had a hotel there since we were flying back to Seattle the next morning, so it was the perfect time to feel under the weather. I relived childhood sick days by lounging in bed, eating soup and watching Who's the Boss reruns for a few hours. 

After a couple of days shooting back in Seattle, Jason and I caught up with the tour in Omaha. Upon landing, this sign was the first thing I saw. Earthquakes don't faze me, but for some reason the idea of tornados really freaks me out. I was made to live on the West Coast.  

Here's the lineup of buses inside of the venue in Omaha. (via @mitchelloverton)

Jason at work, filming Talib Kwali, an amazing rapper and the opener for the tour, chatting with Macklemore after the show in Omaha.  (via @mitchelloverton)

Since Seattle is fairly evergreen, I'm enjoying autumn in other parts of the country. It's so orange and yellow! 

Every venue set up is different, you saw how we parked inside of the venue at Omaha above. In Des Moines, we were in a lot on the side of the road and I woke up to fans hoping I was someone interesting when I hopped of of my bus! Thankfully someone cooler than me came along for some photos. 

That's it for now, any questions? 


  1. So fun to see Tour Life! Looks like a lot of fun Jenny!

  2. My favorite part of this post is that you are wearing Jason shirt from when he was 6... miss you guys.

  3. Hope you get a chance to come through Virginia before the leaves fall, because autumn in the blue ridge mountains is like no other!

    1. We drive through VA in a week or so, hoping for some leaves then!