Friday Roundup

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! I've got the day off in Michigan, then a show on Saturday and we're on to Chicago where I'll be looking for some deep dish pizza! My day off plans aren't very eventful, I'll be searching for a laundromat and maybe a local yoga studio or perhaps just hole up in my hotel room and work on wedding albums. Wherever you are, I hope you have a relaxing weekend! 

I love anything that is called "whimsical" this is definitely whimsical art...

Tim Burton as a kid

New music to put you in the mood for fall.

THIS is exciting news for frequent flyers and makes me feel a lot less guilty for the times I forgot to turn my phone all the way off on planes! Oops.

My current favorite clothing item, and yes, it is very similar to my favorite thing to wear from 1998.

A new showing of Richard Avedon, one of my favorite photographers.

Image by Zoe Rain via Rain Diaries

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  1. I love the overall trend, and the style picks on Free People under the product show that overalls can look cute on SO many people!