Friday Roundup

Hello from sunny Santa Barbara! Jason is the best man in a wedding this weekend and I'm thrilled to be a wedding guest for once. I get to wear a dress and heels! From here, we're back in Seattle for a few hours on Sunday and then onto Portland and the beginning of 9 weeks on the road as a part of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis US tour. I'm going to be the opening act. Just kidding! Jason's directing tour videos and I'll be helping out with whatever I can and blogging along the way.

This is why there are penguins in sweaters...

Apparently sleeptexting is a thing. Have you done it? 

National Dessert Day was this week and I missed it! I guess I'll just have to observe it another day...

What people did before smart phones...

Jessie Spano LIVES! (For a moment anyway, in Elizabeth Berkley's Dancing with the Stars routine...)

Beautiful Cave


  1. Did you see Jessie dance on D with the Stars? I was so excited and hoped you were watching.

  2. I keep wondering what people did while nursing before smartphones. Seriously boring. haha