Fall Favorites: Apples!

As you likely know, the great state of Washington is known for our abundant and delicious apples. I have a lot of family that grew up in eastern WA picking apples growing up -- we love our apples here. Now that Mylo is becoming more easy going and grown up I'm getting back in the kitchen and cooking up some fall treats. I've been searching the internet for easy and interesting apple recipes and here's what I've come up with.

Apple pancake - how delicious does this look? Plus I can finally use my cast iron skillet.

Baked apples stuffed with oatmeal and brown sugar. This looks so easy and tasty.

Grilled cheese with bacon, apple and sprouts.

Baked apple cider donut holes. Yes, please.

Chunky apple muffins - Look great for breakfast

PS. Five wonderful apple Pinterest boards.

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