Embracing Autumn

Don't get me wrong, I do love autumn, but there's something about the end of summer that's always sad to me. To avoid thinking about the loss of summer, every year I put a lot of energy into reminding myself about all the autumn related things I genuinely enjoy. Here's how I'm enjoying autumn this week.

1. Books... Fall is the perfect time to curl up with a good book. Due to my crazy schedule, I've turned to audiobooks. I'm currently enjoying Wyclef Jean's memoir, Purpose: An Immigrant's Story.

2. Tea... Roobios has been my go-to this week. It just makes me warm and happy inside AND different teas have lots of different positive health benefits.

3. Baking...We're on a Snickerdoodle kick at my house.

How are you enjoying autumn so far? I'm always open for other suggestions!

*Did I suck you in with my AMAZING title for this post? If I ever write a trashy romance novel I think I'll call it Embracing Autumn. It'll be about an average girl named Autumn who has seasonal depression. She will be plucked out of dreary Seattle by a handsome young billionaire who is instantly memorized by Autumn's ghostly pale skin and mousy hair that's perpetually damp and frizzy from the rain.  He will whisk her to his private island in the Caribbean where seasons don't exist and it's summer forever. Naturally I'll write a sequel to this book in which we find out that the billionaire is no longer attracted to Autumn once she's tan and happy. It turns out he only likes the super depressed ones. Autumn will discover that she doesn't need a billionaire to be happy and will move to a nearby island and become a yoga instructor and write a best selling memoir about her experiences. 


  1. RB says your novel would make a great movie!

  2. It's not truly autumn here in FL yet, unfortunately. BUT I'm excited for boots & scarves :D

  3. Omg Embracing Autumn sounds amazing! Best seller for sure.

  4. Baking and tea are my absolute two favorite things about fall!

  5. I think you should write your book!!