Friday Roundup

It's been a busy week, and it looks like we have a busier weekend ahead. Jason's in the final stages of post production on two different music videos, which means that he's managed to sleep in our bed, at nighttime, a grand total of once this past week. Looking forward for those to be done so I can share  them with you all and so I can get my husband back!

Also looking forward to spending time with a long lost friend, a former roommate turned Texan, who's back in town for the weekend. She gets to hang out with Teresa and I today and meet Mylo. Yay!

And now, fun things...

Crazy dancers + amazing photos= The best thing I've seen on the web all week.

Alicia Silverstone was too pretty to play Angela Chase? (Basically this news story, which is on every website, is just a slap in the face to Claire Danes. Ouch. Come on people. Claire Danes is gorgeous!)

Beauty secrets from around the world

Dear Panatone, Thanks for picking a color for Spring 2014 that looks great on me! Love Jenny

There is a flower print dress in Zara's fall collection that I'm fairly certain was stolen out of my mom's circa 1989 closet. I'd totally wear it though!

Ed Sheeran does Nina Simone and it is awesome. 

Printable boxes for little treats

I just discovered that the character of Sylvia Rosen on Mad Men is played by Linda Cardellini! What? I feel like she's definitely deserving of that Emmy nod.

Happy Birthday Jane Addams

Plum Oat Upside Down Cake...perfect for almost fall.

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