What to Wear?

On August 25th, I will be at the VMAs. This may sound fun and exciting, and hopefully it will be, but currently it's really stressing me out. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR?

I feel like I'm back in high school and going to prom, only this time the popular kids at my school are Beyonce, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Kanye, Lady Gaga...you get the picture.

It's silly, really. I have work deadlines, tons of emails to respond to,  a house to clean, and yet- as I work on it all, in the back of my mind a little voice keeps saying, WHAT WILL I WEAR?

I know this isn't a life of death issue- the world is filled with much larger problems, bigger things I should be concerned about and more important things that I should be spending money on. Yet, still, that little voice keeps saying, WHAT WILL I WEAR? 

So, any ideas? I'm totally open to suggestions.

PS. Here are some looks I won't be rocking...



  1. I would suggest looking at Rent the Runway. Not that you should rent a dress (it seems too complicated to do it if you're traveling), but they have SOOO many different designers and styles, it may help you get an idea of what you really want to look for when you go to the store. Also, pinterest is always helpful :)

  2. Try Rent the Runway or Shop Bop, they always have great styles. Neiman Marcus in Bellevue also has really helpful stylists (so I hear) that will give you advice, and it's a little fancier than Nordstrom or other local stores around here.

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely be posting how it all turns out!