Friday Roundup

NEW YORK! We're comin' for ya! Jason and I are headed to Brooklyn for the VMAs on Sunday. I have a dress! We've gotten Jason's clothes squared away. Now we just have to get a bunch of work done, rock a wedding shoot on Saturday, board a very early flight east on Sunday morning and stay awake for the award show. Thankfully "get manicure with Teresa" and "buy pretty shoes" are two of the many things on my list for today, so I can't complain. Life is crazy, but I like it.  

Speaking of New York, check out these beautiful photos from a beach in the Bronx.

I'm loving Volcano Choir, otherwise known as new music from Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. 

If this is true, I'm really, really excited.

Has anyone seen "The Butler" yet? I really want to and am hoping it's as good as it looks...

On another side of the movie spectrum, this article made me want to see "The Spectacular Now"

Wonderfully odd obsolete words (friends, read this so you won't be offended if I call you a wonder-wench or a snout fair

The Smiths meet Charlie Brown on Tumblr and it is great.

I always wanted a pet hamster...

Inventions humanity could really do without but are totally hilarious.

Get paired with the perfect pet

Auditioning for SNL

Above, one of my behind the scenes shots from "Can't Hold Us"