Friday Roundup

This vintage photo of Seattle's Green Lake, makes me want to bike there right now and jump in. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm headed to two weddings and then off to cuddle baby Mylo who's a whole 1 week old on Saturday. Teresa will be back to blogging next week!

Odd Royal Baby souvenirs 

 I knew Yoga Jones sounded familiar....This is for my sister, and anyone else who's binged Orange is the New Black and loved Nicktoons.

This is what a 19th century social network looked like.

Climb Japan's Mt. Fiji from the comfort of your own desk.

Remember Daria? How great would a live action version version starring Aubrey Plaza be? Here's a fake trailer by College Humor. I sincerely hope someone decides to actually make this into a feature.

Uh-oh, Naked Juice isn't as good for me as I thought.

Why Seattle summers are the best, according to an expert.

This Blueberry-Huckleberry Grand Marnier Tart is making me want to go berry picking. 

Sandlot reunion

Visiting the Gates Foundation

Beachy DIY projects from Design Sponge

Travel tips from the Everywhereist

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  1. yay! I loved Doug. I even have some episodes from itunes. haha.