Friday Roundup

With all the heat, I though we all could do with a photo of snow. Jason snapped this while climbing a mountain in British Columbia a few weeks ago. He wasn't exactly in mountain climbing shape so we're all very proud of him that he survived! 

Meanwhile, back where it's warm THERE IS STILL NO BABY and life goes on. I've been going on lots of long walks with Teresa. Jason's been out of town all week too, but least with him he has a scheduled arrival time of 9:30 tonight. Not so much with the baby. 

So here we go, some fun things to keep those of us waiting for a baby entertained...

Good samaritans answer pizza request from a children's hospital window.

Wonderful news for Uncle Jesse fans everywhere.

Vote for our video!

Odd hotel requests fulfilled... This is hilarious.

Alcohol free bar opening in London. I always love a good mocktail. Although, I wonder if they serve a wide variety of grape juice? That would be kinda weird.

Time tells us "How to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame"

Teresa, maybe you should DIY one of these while you're waiting for the baby.

Oh The Onion, you always crack me up. Whether it's combining Meg Ryan movies and current events or confused boyfriends, you gotta love fake news.

Finally, two things to be excited about if you live in Seattle:
1. Renovated movie theater with food, bar, comfy seats, and it's by my house!
2. Pay for street parking with your phone!


  1. I saw the new parking update on the news and thought of you, oh, wait, you ride your bike everywhere, Jen!

  2. Voted!

    p.s. so awesome that Jason did is on my bucket list.

  3. Beautiful camping photo!! 100 degrees in D.C., I enjoyed seeing this snow photo:) -Kelly