Friday Roundup

Happy Friday and happy last day of work to Teresa who's starting maternity leave. No sign of baby yet and I really want to meet the little bugger so I've started googling different things for her to try to induce labor! Like this. Some of the things I've found, I don't think she'd want to try, but I do see a lot of long walks in our future.

In efforts to help my quest for a cute bike helmet, a friend sent me this. 

Normal Barbie

Have you seen Sad Cat Diary?

Wedding Trends


Sandlot style

Finland sent Will & Kate a baby box

Not into the summer blockbusters? Check out this list of new indie flicks.  Anyone want to go to a movie with me?

I was really excited when my new iPhone case arrived in the mail this week.

Naturally whiten your teeth with strawberries

Pretty Free Fonts

Moonrise Kingdom engagement shoot 

What will the song of the summer be? 

3 year old artist

Nick Kristof is back at the NY Times! And yes, I realize I'm a huge dork that this is something I'm excited about...

Photo @zoerainphoto

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