Friday Roundup

This has been a crazy week. Absolutely packed-  Starting on Sunday with recovering from T's baby shower, then tons of work and a quick jaunt to Vegas. I mentioned earlier this week, my grandpa passed away, so we will be remembering him and his wonderful 90 years of life a memorial service this weekend. So basically, I'm embracing every side of life this week: birth to death, working incredibly hard one minute and dancing in a club the next. Regardless of where we are at, life goes on.

Here are a few bits and pieces of life from around the internet. Enjoy!

Past Presidents as you've never seen them before.

A beautiful home

Who knew you can make art with Microsoft's Excel? 

Pop vs. Soda and other American English variants by region

I got SUPER excited when I saw Cup of Jo's post on making your own Magic Shell ice cream topping.

More benefits of coffee

Bad prom photos. If you need a laugh, at least look at the first one.

Starbucks just got more exciting if you live in Seattle and enjoy pastries. (me!)

Public Radio temporary tattoos, really!

This story is crazy.

Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor

I'll be trying out this tip for smelly shoes.

Fried bananas with honey. Yum.

Great DIY photo booth backdrop

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