Where I'm At....

At 31 weeks pregnant I’m having a hard time thinking of anything to blog about that isn’t related to babies, pregnancy, labor, registries, etc.! My body has been completely taken over by this baby boy and between working and trying to get ready for his arrival I’m pretty much sleeping/napping the rest of the time. For the next few weeks it seems like cooking, gardening, crafting, fashion, and even surfing the internet for anything non-baby related has pretty much gone out the window. 

I've been pretty lucky so far with how good that I've felt throughout the pregnancy, I haven't even taken a sick day yet. But I'm not gonna lie, the third trimester is starting to kick my butt! I'm definitely ready to meet our little boy and to get my body back to it's old self (or close to it!). Nine weeks seems like about a million years right now, wah wah. 

It is not Jenny and my intention for this blog to focus solely on babies/pregnancy or turn into a “mom blog,” so I’m sorry if I’m taking over with too much mommy stuff! It’s just what is on my mind right now and what I’m spending a lot of time preparing for. Please let us know if there is anything specific that interests you or you’d like to hear more about, any and all direction is much appreciated! 

PS. On a whole different topic --- Did you see the Gatsby movie this weekend? It's gotten such mixed reviews I'm curious what you all thought?

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