Hair-Raising Accusations...

Reading about the recent controversy with Locks of Love potentially having $6 million in missing donations is making me sad. I've always loved the mission of Locks of Love and it's one of my goals in life to grow my hair long enough to chop it off and donate it. This incident has reminded me that even organizations who seem entirely straightforward in their purpose, aren't always so.

Regardless of where you give, I encourage you to check out the organizations that you're supporting. 

There are multiple websites that focus on keeping charities accountable.  Nonprofit InvestorCharity Star and Guide Star are three I use.  I understand that charities cannot run without some overhead and administrative costs, but when the majority of that money isn't making it to the people/animals/cause that needs it, or worse- if it's unaccounted for, that's not acceptable. 

Hopefully Locks of Love will be able to straighten this out, I really do hope this is just some sort of misunderstanding and they really are doing the good they claim, but again, a great reminder for everyone to diligently check up on any organization they support. 

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