Friday Roundup

Happy weekend! I hope you're getting to do something nice and relaxing. I'm making homemade pesto and homemade pasta for friends tonight. It's gonna be good. Hoping for some sun in Seattle. I'm home this weekend and would love to get to do something outside. Here's some fun things from around the web to get you through your Friday afternoon. 

DIY gardening even I can handle for beautiful indoor spaces.

This is why Angelina is awesome.

I've been loving this spring-y playlist this week.

Can I live in this attic?

Healthy fast food, does it exist? 

Outfits worn on TV & where to get them. 

Sunday marks the 101st anniversary of the Titanic sinking. Like the Crowleys of Downton Abbey, I too had a relative on board and here is her story.

Photo: Somewhere in Colorado,

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