Framing Help

Has anyone else noticed how expensive framing is?! We have some cool art from our travels and a few new pieces for the baby's room that I want to get framed but I was shocked by how much it costs. I've thought about trying out one of these DIY framing stores but I don't want to do a tacky job. We have one piece in particular that we picked up one tipsy afternoon in Prague that is enormous, I am thinking of just framing it in two separate pieces like this.

These are some good tips but I would love any ideas you all have out there-- know any tricks for inexpensive (or less expensive!) framing?



  1. Teresa, Go to Michaels in Kirkland? Here is a coupon 50 percent off plus 30 percent.

  2. I have had really good luck buying store made frames (IKEA Ribba are my favorite), then having a custom mat cut, rather than having the whole piece custom framed. Typical pricing on a custom mat is roughly $30.

    Also, Annie's in Ballard gave me a great recommendation when I had a odd sized piece of art that I didn't want to shell out a fortune to have framed. They suggested that I purchase one of their ready made poster sized frames, and pay to have it cut down. The frame was $25, and having it cut down was an additional $25 or so. Plus, I love supporting local businesses like Annie's.