You're Going Where?

Today, Jason and I are flying to Honiara,  the capitol of Solomon Islands,  and then taking a boat to Tulagi Island.

There, we will spend the week photographing the community and the beginning stages of a school being built by Construction for Change.

Until last year, I hadn't herd of Solomon Islands either. So here's a map for reference.

That's probably all you need to know, but because I'm a dork and love history and geography and things...

Things to know about Solomon Islands:
-The official name is "Solomon Islands" not "The Solomon Islands" which sounds weird to me, but I'm trying to go with it.

-Will and Kate visited on their tour of the South Pacific.

-JFK became a war hero while stationed here during WWII. In fact, Solomon Islands was a very important post during the war in general.

-Recently, there was an 8.0 earthquake and tsunami and the islands are still recovering from the damage and aftershocks.

-Check out Solomon Islands on Wikipedia or The CIA World Factbook for more info.

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