Choosing the best name for baby?

Patrick and I have been going around and around the past few months talking about what we should name our baby boy. I had no idea that this would be such a long and intense process. We are feeling a lot of pressure to make sure not to mess this up, a person's name is pretty important!

We both like Irish names but a lot of them are really difficult to pronounce/spell. If we were having a girl we love the name Aoife (pronounced Eef-ah) but I would probably never actually use it because it's not common in the states and nearly impossible to pronounce. I gravitate toward more traditional names whereas Patrick is more apt to find something unusual. I like the idea of a name that is uncommon but definitely a known name, which is not as easy as it sounds! 

I was telling my friend Gabi about our dilemma and she sent me over this hilarious clip from an old Friends episode. So funny and true-- we've even tossed around some of those same names!

Do you like your name? For those who have been there, how did you narrow down your list of names and come to agreement? What are your favorite names?


  1. What a funny clip, I'd forgotten about that one! MIght have to repost then, it's gold!

  2. My sister is married to an Irishman and wanted to name their daughter Aoife but decided not to since they were afraid no one would be able to pronounce it. They went with Keeley with I think is super cute. I love Cormick for a boy too if you are looking for Irish names!

  3. I don't have kids but i do have a dog that i consider my baby! haha I got him when i was in 6th grade and for a couple days it had no name. Then all our close family got together one night and we just sat around talking and throwing out names for hours. We decided we all had to agree on it, crazy right? How can 9 people agree on one name?! We thought there was no end until my uncle said "shadow", we all looked at each other smiling and cheered because we had found the perfect name. My favorite irish names are Keeley and darcy for girls and Liam and Aiden for boys. Goodluck finding that perfect name!

  4. Aidan, Liam, Callum, Rhys, Finnian (FInn for short?), Keenan/Keegan, Nolan, Owen, Quinn, Ronan, Rory. All Irish but easy to pronounce!