Happy Birthday Teresa

And we interrupt Teresa's scheduled post  about her trip to Mexico to wish her a Happy Birthday!!!!!

Teresa, I'm so excited for what this next year has in store for you. YOUR GOING TO BE A MOM! Yikes! That's kind of a big deal. So I thought I'd take this moment, on your birthday, to tell you (and everyone who reads this) some of the reasons that this little boy should be thrilled he gets you as his mama. 

First off, take a look at this photo. It tells us, 1) you like to play and 2) you're sometimes capable of bending rules. This balances so well with your responsible planning side. I mean, you've already bought diapers for a baby who's won't need them until July, you're on top of this mom thing!

You're a great caretaker, anticipating people's needs, whether they are sick or sad or just because. Thanks for the many times you've taken care of me. 

You're adventurous and brave, even though you might not think so all the time, look at all the places you've been, lived even. This baby will be exposed to your wanderlust and appreciation for the world and all the people in it. He will grow up knowing he can go anywhere, do anything. 

I'm so excited for you my friend, to embark on year 29 and the wonderful, life changing, adventures it has in store. 


PS. Yes, after making fun of people for doing it, I now occasionally sign things "xo"...don't laugh. I only do it when I really mean it.