Tiny House Movement

Our feature last week on Jenna and Phil's garden cottage got me thinking about small spaces and I ran across something called the Tiny House Movement. Have you heard of it? From what I've read it's a social movement to simplify and live in a downsized small space. The average American home is 2600 square feet while the typical tiny house is only about 400 square feet. It is an interesting way to save money, create a "green" lifestyle, and simplify overly complicated lives. Aren't these photos fascinating and inspiring? More links and info over at Apartment Therapy.

Would you ever consider living in a "tiny home"?

If you're interested, here is a video from PBS about the movement:

Watch The 'tiny house' movement on PBS. See more from Need To Know.

(All photos from Apartment Therapy articles)


  1. perfect for the lot at the lake...

  2. we have a friend who wants to do this!! we were talking about it last night ha! crazy and awesome idea if you're not just living off other people- not paying rent on property! it could be like people who don't have a car but have everyone else pick them up and drive them places or cloth diapers in rental where you don't pay for the excess water! I'm all for people going green but not really when other people pay for it! I like how the woman in the video trades showers for help around the house!! Very inspiring and it will be fun to see these popping up around!!

  3. Peter MIGHT be spending every waking moment currently researching and designing his/our future Tiny Home. Eeeeek! Exciting, but scary at the same time!