Friday Roundup

Happy Friday and first day of February! We've escaped the worst month of the year, cheers to us!

What are you up to this weekend? Patrick and I are trying to work our way through some of the Oscar nominated films. I think we'll either hit Zero Dark Thirty or Silver Linings Playbook this weekend. Any recommendations? I also need to use up my abundance of kale and carrots. Recipe tips?

Here are some links to get the weekend started:

Super creative and mesmerizing music video. And a unique music video with a recipe for tortilla soup included.

This Friends factoid will make you feel old. And speaking of the 90's, check out Macualy Culkin's apartment tour.

10 easy ways to feel better and 12 secrets to planning menus.

Love this article about friends (from my hometown!) playing tag well into their 40's.

This homemade cake is so beautiful, I might need to try making one sometime soon, V-day is just around the corner!

Interview with the costume designer for Girls.

Can it be true? A Mean Girls musical with Mariah Carey??

Adorable Valentine's recipes.

Some Valentine's Day DIY's: Tree Heart Installation, Nesting Boxes, Cross-Stitch iPhone Case, & Felt Floral Wreath (my fav).

Ohhh and the Super Bowl is happening this weekend too (my favorite game of the year because it's the last!). Here are some places around Seattle to pick up goodies for your party.


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  1. I like the meal planning tips! Something I am ALWAYS trying to do...but have varying success with :) Happy Weekend!