Wedding Wednesday: A Very Etsy New Year's Eve

I was thrilled to get to be a part of my friend Claire's New Year's Eve Wedding. Claire and her new husband Justin did such a great job of throwing a classy party with a wintery Northwest feel. 

Claire is currently a grad student at Ole Miss so planning the wedding from across the country provided a few challenges. Instead of going the DIY route, she hit up Etsy and found some really unique pieces. 

Here's what Claire had to say about some of the best little details: 

The vases, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and my bouquet were from NH Woods Creation. They are a really cute couple in New Hampshire that does everything by hand and all the materials come straight from the forest behind their house, with the exception of ribbon and things like that. It was really obvious they cared and put a lot of heartfelt effort into the decorations and I thought it was particularly sweet when they called me right before Hurricane Sandy came through just to tell me all of my things we would safe and dry, which I wasn't even worried about anyway.
 The pinecones were collected from around our house over the years and also used as centerpieces.

Our wedding programs were from River St Designs. They emailed me the PDF and then I got to do my own thing with it and picked out paper with one of my bridesmaids and just printed them off at kinkos.

The sweater I wore was ordered on Etsy too, from a shop called Luvingly MadeI gave her all my measurements and she made a custom sweater. I like that she was a fellow Washingtonian too, all in the spirit of the Pacific Northwest! 

I got my bridesmaids jewelry from one of my favorite Etsy jewelry shops: Sparkle Farm. She actually gave me a discount since I've shopped there quite a few times for other gifts and myself.

What do you think? Jason and I have decided that Claire's bouquet is definitely one of our favorites of the year, it's just so wonderfully unique and I love that she'll be able to keep it since the flowers are already dried. 

Images by JKoe Photography. More of Claire & Justin's wedding here.


  1. Love this! I am always looking on etsy for inspiration and goods for my parties and get togethers. My wedding will be no different! I plan on utilizing etsy as much as possible!

  2. There are so many amazing Etsy shops out there! I especially love that they got their florals from Etsy, which can be so much less expensive, and so much more meaningful (especially if you get to keep it after the wedding). Thanks for sharing Jenny!


    1. You're exactly right her flower and decor budget was significantly less than if she'd used a florist, and it looked so much more unique! Everyone was commenting on it.

  3. I love it! You guys were so great. I'm already homesick for Seattle :(

  4. Gorgeous wedding! Her bouquet really is something...and those bouts too!