Easy Taco Soup

This super easy taco soup is a staple in my family. It's especially good with grated cheese, avocado and sour cream with a side of tortilla chips. I sometimes double the recipe so I can bring it to work for lunches. 

1/2 lb. ground beef or ground turkey (I used turkey)

1/2 C. (or so) frozen corn
1/2 C. (or so) chopped onoin
1 C. water (give or take)
1 16oz. can diced stewed tomatoes
1 16oz. can kidney beans 
1 16oz can black beans or any kind of kidney beans
1 8oz can tomato sauce
Taco seasoning to taste

In a large pot cook beef and onion then drain off the excess liquid.  Add water and undrained tomatoes,  drained and rinsed beans, tomato sauce, corn and taco seasoning. Let stew for a while on the stove. 

If you are out of seasoning or making it for someone on a reduced salt diet you can add 1-2T. chili seasoning and some salsa to season.

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