Souvenir Alternative: Cookbook Collection

My "cooking kick" this month has encouraged me to leaf through a lot of my old cookbooks and gather some fun recipes. When we were living abroad one of the things that I started "collecting" was cookbooks from other countries. During our time in South Africa and Ireland I had the chance to eat some amazing home cooked meals and wanted to be able to capture some of the local recipes and recreate them at home. Now I'm hooked! Pictured above are a Seattle cookbook from Tom Douglas gifted to us from Patrick's grandmother, a wonderful South African cookbook full of stories, history and recipes, and one of my favorite cookbooks that I picked up from my very favorite store/restaurant in Dublin, Avoca.

What do you collect when you travel?


  1. I always try to get an article of clothing (or jewelry) when I travel to someplace new. I think it's so fun when people ask where I got what I'm wearing and I get to say some wonderful foreign place :).

  2. I usually buy earrings. In Paris, I got a couple of new outfits and shoes, love telling where I got them when people compliment me on the clothing.

    1. I love to buy jewelry too! In the past I've always gotten more inexpensive stuff that doesn't last though. I wish I would have invested a bit more in something that would be around for longer. My sister bought beautiful pearls in Japan that she can pass on to her kids someday.

  3. What I love to collect are good tea, I want to try new blends of tea such as green matcha tea, oolong tea, tulsi tea and even white tea.