Have You Seen "Les Mis" Yet?

We saw the new Les Misérables on Christmas Day with my family, have you seen it yet? It's definitely a LONG movie so prepare yourself, but some of the singing is fantastic and the message is as inspiring as always. I also thought Hugh Jackman was an incredible Val Jean!

Since I saw the movie I've run across a couple of interesting links around the web with different perspectives or interpretations of the movie/story. If you're nerdy like me and interested here they are!

Putting Les Mis in historical context - the story is not about the French Revolution.

Loving the movie despite it's miserable gender stereotypes.

Amazing photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz of cast in character for Vogue.

And a couple of wacky ones: a college parody and parenting lessons from Les Mis.


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  1. I absolutely loved it. It wasn't my favorite movie of the year, but I really do think they did an amazing job. And Anne Hathaway was incredible! I think I cried about fifteen times :) The book is one of my very favorites, and so it always makes me a little...upset when I hear critical things about it, especially in a social context (rather than taking into account the society and culture of the time...if that makes sense).