Friday Roundup

So this photo pretty much sums up the week in Seattle. This is a COLOR photo Jason took while we were enjoying happy hour with a friend at The Edgewater yesterday. Even one of my favorite bars, with such an amazing view, is a bit depressing this time of year. Seriously, that's how gloomy Seattle is these days.

So here are some things to brighten your day from around the web.

If you need to smile, check out these sweater wearing Shetland ponies. Might be the best thing I've seen all week.

This iPhone app helps you organize your closet and plan outfits.

 I'm in the market for a new yoga mat.

Advice from Tina Fey: Say Yes

Rainbow Sprinkle Blondies

After a conversation (via text) this week, in which a friend and I promised each other we would never grow old, I was happy to stumble upon this.

The Postal Service is back! Touring! Two new songs!

A movie secretly filmed in the happiest place on earth.

Alternate titles for Dr. Seuss books.

Dawson's Creek + J. Crew. Who else remembers getting this in the mail in 1998?

Also, Teresa sent me this video this morning. It's amazing.

Image of Elliot Bay from The Edgewater via @jkoephoto's instagram

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  1. I love my Manduka Black Mat Pro. It is not pretty and weighs 7 lbs., but my knees don't hurt and my poses are so much more stable. For hot yoga I use a Kulae Hot Yoga Mat which can be machine washed after each use. It keeps me drier for sure. I use both of these together for hot yoga and just the Manduka for a flow class. Feel like I have the best that is available right now until something else is designed and produced...