Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great "short" week. What are you up to this weekend? Jenny's hosting our annual college roommate reunion sleepover tonight, we are excited to see old friends!!

Here are some links to kick off the first weekend of the year:

Motivational video for 2013.

Super cool concert hall loft home.

10 most Instagrammed photos of the year. Guilty.


The "perfect woman" in 1912 -- fascinating.

For Jenny.

Kate's morning sickness cure looks so delish.

5 most healthy foods for women and 4 healthy smoothies for January.

An interview with Zooey and one with Lena.

For Seattleites: Most anticipated restaurant openings of 2013 (Patrick is anxiously awaiting this Bier Haus). Also, Seattle's top 10 dishes of 2012.



  1. a college reunion sleepover sounds so fun! I just stumbled into your blog's pretty adorable I must say.

  2. I think I am guilty of a decent amount of the most popular instagram pics :) It is true -- my feed is babies, cats, food, and drinks...maybe with a weather pic in there somewhere.