Do or Don't: Layered Rugs

So there's a new trend I keep seeing that I'm kind of in love with: layering rugs. I am a textile fan and can't be help but get excited about the idea of different shapes and patterns of rugs stacked on top of each other. This week I snagged a couple of new rugs on clearance at West Elm and am currently experimenting with layering them in my living room. From examples I've seen online if looks like I may be in need of one more as most rooms have at least three together.

What do you think of the trend?

(Images: one, two, three, four, five, six.) 


  1. Love it! I love anything you can do/experiment with that's not permanent. Have fun, and post pics!!

  2. I'd never seen this before and I love it! If only I could find carpets I loved that were reasonably priced I'd totally do this in my living room.
    The only down side, I feel like I'd always be tripping over the edges...