Christmas in Ireland

Two years ago we spent Christmas in Ireland. As I've mentioned, Patrick and I spent the 2010-2011 school year living in Dublin while he studied for his MBA. While we would have loved to have gone home,  ultimately we decided that flights were too expensive and we'd rather spend our limited funds on traveling within Europe after the program. But....we ended up having one of the most memorable and magical Christmas' I could have imagined! 

One of Patrick's best friends in the program, Christopher, invited us to join his family in County Sligo for the holiday at their 250 year old "farm home" in the country. That week before Christmas brought a very unusual foot or two of snow to Ireland and the country was a winter wonderland. We had a "picture postcard" experience on the farm, joining in all the Irish traditions and loving every minute of our white Christmas. We were so blessed to be embraced by a wonderful family. The photos tell the story better than words I think, thanks for indulging my walk down memory  lane. 
Christopher's family home in Co. Sligo, Ireland

A Christmas Eve stroll on the frozen pond and through the woods
Christopher and his mother and brothers

View from the living room on Christmas morning
Church we attended on Christmas day, this church has no power or heat and it was about 25 degrees. Quite and experience with everyone all bundled up in the pews!

After church we took a walk on the beach with my favorite dog, Tiffin! One of the older guys even decided to take a dip in the sea, brrrr.
Having some a "picnic" at the beach. I love this photo

Christopher and Patrick
Christopher's parents opening gifts - everyone wears a funny hat while opening!

Christmas dinner in their huge old dining room with a blazing fire. We all did "crackers" and wore our crowns.