(Wo)man's best friend?

Tiffin and I in County Sligo, Ireland
So I'm sure you've guessed by now that I'm a bit of a "cat-person." But...being around my friend Erica's French Bulldog, Gavroche, last weekend got me thinking again about the idea of getting our own puppy. Right now Rafa is enough for us (more than enough some days!) but we'd love to get a pooch someday. When we lived in Ireland there were tons of Border Terriers around and I totally fell in love with the breed. Our friend Christopher's family had a super friendly little terrier named Tiffin that I almost smuggled home in my luggage.

I would be a little afraid that a small/medium dog would be barking all the time though. And Patrick would prefer a larger dog like a lab, which seems like a lot to me. He also isn't thrilled about terriers rough coats. So...it'll probably be a while until we get a dog! But no harm in daydreaming...

Are you a dog person? What's your favorite breed?

(Top photo from BorderJoy)


  1. My fiance and I just adopted a puppy through a rescue organization. We weren't fans of small dog breeds either, but our pup is 20 lbs, and won't get much bigger. We were told she is a basenji, and everything we've read about that makes sense. She's not a barker, and is a great apartment dog! I've never owned a dog before, but she is great!

  2. tell patrick that french bulldogs are big dogs in small dogs' bodies. and they have softer coats than terriers. :)

    1. I co-sign on this one. You guys should totally get a French Bulldog. Tell P he can name it after a french athlete and he'll fit in perfectly with Rafa.