Friday Roundup

HAPPY FRIDAY! A fall chill has definitely set in around here, but I'm  not complaining because the sun is shinning! What are you up to this weekend? P and I are going to catch the new James Bond movie, love me some Daniel Craig.

A few links to get the weekend started:

Playing this new song on repeat.

Meet Reginald, YouTube sensation. This is a must watch.

Dark had me at hello.

Yikes! Sitting up straighter already.

Macaron coin purse.

15 tasty ways to eat fall veggies.

Kimbra is so cool. So is Solange.

Inspiring and candid speech from our President.

Holiday edible centerpieces.

Impressive and addicting.

How disasters bring people together and other interesting details about how men and women supposedly respond differently.

Fancy FP holiday dresses, drool. One for Jenny and one for me.


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