Wallpaper at The Greenbrier

Jason and I got home from our trip to The Greenbrier yesterday. Eventually, I'll do a full post on the place. Even though we were there for a shoot, I loved it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a getaway.

For now, lets talk about the wallpaper. Some of it was crazy, but it did get me to think about possibly wallpapering some walls in my house. 

After World War Two, the entire resort was redecorated by Dorothy Draper, an interior designer very influential at the time and known for her "anti-minimal" style. She encouraged a generation of housewives to be their own decorators, experimenting with bold colors, patterns and Baroque designs. 

These wallpaper patterns were all over the place, one crazy pattern leading into the next. 

If I take any design tips from Dorothy Draper and my experience here, it will be to not be afraid to use bold colors and mix patterns. 

And now, we've come to the end. I'll leave you with this "fat lady" singing, a part of a hand painted wallpaper design in one of the Greenbrier's cafes. 


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  1. This is so cool, I really want to visit the Greenbrier someday. I also love wallpaper. :)