Iron Curtain Press

So some of you may have noticed, along with the blog update we've also added a sponsor to the blog (and are selectively opening it up to other interested parties!).  So I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to Rosanna of Iron Curtain Press.

I've known Rosanna for what seems like forever and she's always doing wonderfully creative things. She's responsible for our new blog design and the ombre cake we showed you last week but letterpress is what she does full time. 

She has an amazing old letterpress and designs, sets the type and prints by hand.  Its mesmerizing to watch and in the end, wonderful things like this come out! Look out for a giveaway coming soon!

Do email us, thethingswewouldblog (at) gmail dot com, if you're interested in becoming a sponsor. We will be selectively choosing and adding more people and things to our sidebar in the coming weeks and would love to chat with anyone who wants more info. 


  1. Hi Jenny!

    Great to hear from you! Michelle is a friend of mine from college. Small world! I posted a lot of wedding photos on my blog after the wedding and got a ton of compliments from people. We really love the work you and Jason did for us! I hope you and Jason are doing well. I've added your blog to my reader as well.

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