We had a great last weekend of summer here in the beautiful state of Washington! I'm so sad to see summer fade in to autumn but we went out with a bang. Friday night I went with my friend Anne, who is visiting from DC, to see Macklemore throw the opening pitch at the Mariner's game. We met up with Patrick's cousin Whitney and some other family and had a great time despite the loss.
Then we headed out to Hartstine Island in the south Puget Sound for two days of R&R with great college friends. We had a blast playing Ladderball, catching up over cocktails, soaking up the last rays of summer and even dug out some of Tracy's old ballet dresses for an awesome parade around the cabin (don't judge! :)
Goodbye summer, we'll miss you.


  1. I can't believe I missed the BALLET DRESSES.

    1. don't worry, Britt brought hers home for Halloween. :)