Copying Kate: Longchamp Bag

After watching the Duchess of Cambridge carry a Longchamp tote throughout most of her Olympic appearances, the brand and style was definitely on my mind when I was looking for a new, casual, all purpose sort of bag for fall. Lets be honest, part of me wants to be a princess like Kate, and I can't afford most of the other things in her wardrobe so I was excited to get this!
I picked up this one, part of the new fall collection, while at The Greenbrier last week.

Images via Pop Sugar & Longchamp


  1. I love the Longchamp collection of bags because of their versatility (including the iconic Le Pliage) and reasonable price points. My proviso to non-European Union residents shopping for a Longchamp bag in Paris is to actually wait and make purchases in the CDG Paris International airport so that you can take advantage of the upfront tax-free opportunity without the 'administrative hassle' of the EU duty-free paperwork. I purchased my beautiful bag (LM Cuir) for 430 Euros in the nicely-appointed Rue Saint Honore location in Paris but I was surprised to see the same selection, including my bag for 385 Euros! The Longchamp sales associate at the CDG airport location told me that the next time I was in Paris, to refrain from doing too much shopping as the same merchandise can easily be found in the various stores in Terminal 2! Go figure!
    Lessons learned by Luisa Barton.

    1. Thanks for the tip! When I'm stuck on long layovers I always find myself longingly staring at purses but assuming that even though they are duty free, they must be marked up from other stores. Good to know they are less!