School's Out for the Summer

I am 6 years out of college and every summer I STILL avoid getting anywhere near a giant section of Target and I stay out of office supply stores entirely because the back to school stuff stresses me out and I'm not even going back to school! Don't get me wrong, I loved school, but everyone deserves a couple months to slip n slide, eat a s'more and pretend like the summer will go on forever.
My current pet peeve, back to school commercials during the Olympics. Usually I'm easily able to avoid TV in the summer, but now, in order to see the Fierce Five, I have to put up with Jason Priestly peddling the latest in children's fall fashions. ARG.
Here's my solution for all of us to try. I've included some summery images. Pick your favorite and the next time you walk past a cardboard school bus filled with wide rule paper surrounded by trapper keepers, you can visualize your happy summer image. Good Luck.
Images via herehere, here, here and here.


  1. I KNOW the feeling. I'm a teacher, so once August 1st rolls around and school supplies sections form in target, and back-to-school commercials flood TV programs, it's like nooooooo!! Not yet, I'm not ready yet!!

  2. Sure hope your dislike isn't from your parents turning into cranky, no fun to be had anymore, distracted from their children types when the time to think about school came around. I've been in my room the last two days, shopped for my outside the door decor today and visited for an hour with a teacher who has taught ten years longer than me! Relax, when you have kids you'll be excited about back to school coming around. This is true...