Not So Extreme Couponing

At this point in life, remembering to bring a coupon to the grocery store is not something that I am capable of doing as anyone who's found expired coupons in books, on the floor or haphazardly left in sock drawers at my house can tell you. I have a TON of respect for people who have the patience and skill to coupon.

Thanks to This Beautiful Frugal Life I learned about Savings Star and it's become my new favorite grocery shopping game!

The quick explanation: Basically you create an account and link it to your grocery store loyalty card, then pick coupons online you want. You go buy the products and 2-30 days later you have $ back from the purchase in your Savings Star account where you can get it back as an Amazon gift card, put in or bank account or donate it.

They don't always have a ton of products I buy, but there's usually something I can use. My favorite so far was $2 off Pom Wonderful, which I love.

Also, I discovered that many grocery stores have their own ecoupons that you can activate online and it automatically takes $ off at the register when you use your loyalty card while shopping.

Sometimes the stars align and theres a store ecoupon and a Savings Star coupon for the same product. When that happens you can do what I do and feel super proud of yourself for saving money and then proceed to guiltlessly throw overpriced tea or all natural lotion that promises to make you a better person into your cart.

Vintage coupon image via The Old Post Road


  1. Proud of you girl! Yes I use a ton of ecoupons and load things to my store rewards cards when I can. Nice work! :)

    1. Thanks Amber! And thanks for being the one to introduce me to This Beautiful Frugal Life! I've really been enjoying it and pretty much buy every deal they post from Amazon, well except the kid stuff.

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