Goodbye Sister!

My little sister is all grown up, has graduated with a masters in teaching and accepted a job at an international boarding school on Jeju Island, Korea. Even though I'm sad to see her go, I'm so excited for her new adventure. As a child she ALWAYS wanted to go to boarding school and now she's got her chance!

Be excited for some interesting posts inspired by her time on Jeju Island, a popular vacation destination of the southern coast of Korea known for education and a sex themed sculpture park!

Stephanie, you MUST remember to have someone take a first day of school photo that is just as awesome as the one of us above.


  1. OH MY GOSH! this is so nice! I love it! thank you! i will miss you and i am thankful for your blog so I am stalk you lots!

  2. Well, Jenny, this did make me cry after dropping Steph at the airport. She's been in the sky for 30 minutes on her way to a new adventure! Thanks for appreciating the first day of school tradition. Love both of you! Mom