Friday Roundup

Well, what do you think of our new and improved blog?

I thought it was fitting that I finally use this awesome Friday Roundup photo that I've been saving for a while now. Basically whenever I say "roundup" this is the image I see. It's my grandpa, rounding up his cattle. A photographer happened to be driving by one day (many years ago) and saw the potential for an awesome shot, pulled over and snapped this.

And now, some fun things from around the web to start of your weekend...

AMAZING ball-point pen drawings. Seriously, these look like photos.

Love this fall campaign. It features a cat (and cute clothes too)!

I want to try this Cookie Butter from Trader Joes.

Would you pay $100 for a hair brush? What if it's amazing and the only one you'll ever need?

Earlier this week, Teresa emailed me this story about a groom making his bride's wedding gown. My response, "No way! I know them!" We're actually shooting a wedding designed by this amazing couple today.

"10 Photos That Will Make You Want to Fall in Love" on Hello Giggles or, in my case, photos that I want to pin and did.

Did you know that Jeopordy! is on twitter? They post a clue everyday.

Did you know you can put a couple of stamps on a flip flop and mail it? Ideas for all sorts of creative things to mail here. 


  1. Love this Friday Roundup picture and all your great roundup ideas!

  2. whoa! i have never seen that picture! Is cookie butter like vanilla nutella?