Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Are you enjoying August so far? We are having a heat wave here in Seattle with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees! (I can see all of you East Coasters rolling your eyes). Patrick and I are headed to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands this weekend. Really hoping to spot the baby Orca that was just born up there! Here are a few links to kick things off--cheers!

Amazing swimming pools in the sky.

The fascinating world of cat fashion.

Thank you note etiquette.

These boots for fall. Drool.

Cute article about growing old and in love. 

This SC farmhouse is a dream.

Great hairstyles for wet hair and long hair. 

One of my favorite food bloggers reflects on Julia Child's birthday.

These would look good on my wall. T&P forever. :)

Downton Abbey is almost back...eeeek!

(Photo via bethespark.)

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  1. Some of those sky pool photos took my breath away and I am just sitting on my couch! Especially the Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls! Eeks!