Friday Roundup

Happy Friday to you! I hope you all are preparing to enjoy a lovely summery weekend. I'll be at a couple of weddings and then enjoying a date with Jason. I was gone for a week, then he left for a week before I got home so it's about time we hang out, now that we're in the same state and country.
And now for some entertainment to get you through Friday afternoon.

Here's something wonderful for anyone looking to spruce up their home decor this winter.

Brie Bites

Joelle from Something Charming wrote a great article having a non-traditional wedding on Huffington Post, lots of great points.

HILARIOUS, and not as inappropriate as it might look at first, trust me

R.I.P Baby Beluga

Is a two minute workout possible?

A little story about Anne of Green Gables, which is what I'm reading (again) now.

Hurdles! I've been playing this all week.

Did you know lemons work as a cat deterrent? Check out new uses for lemons (and other things, see the slideshow at the bottom).

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  1. Omg. I am so happy that other people still re-read Anne of Green Gables too. I re-read the entire series every summer (moving through Anne of Ingleside right now)!

    1. I can't believe I haven't reread it sooner! It took me a day and a half to get through Anne of Green Gables and I'm onto Anne of Avonlea now. I'd forgotten how much I love Anne! Multiple Anne inspired blog posts to come soon, I'm sure.

    2. So I have a movie suggestion for you and Jason or T and P. It is Ruby Sparks. Loved the F. Scott Fitzgerald reference, but more so the true demonstration of how we need relationships, but we have to let others grow and be independent, too.

  2. Also, in researching the movie afterward, Zoe Kazan wrote the story and is the lead actress with her real life boy, Paul Dano, as her love interest. Think you'll like it!

    1. I really want to see this! I actually posted the trailer for it in a Friday Roundup a few months back. Alas, I probably won't get around to seeing it until it's on netflix this winter. Don't have a lot of time for movies in the summer.