Friday Roundup

Friday is finally here! Is it just me to do the work weeks seem longer in the summer? What's everyone up to this weekend?? I'll probably head down to Bite of Seattle or maybe try to catch some of Capitol Hill Block Party and try to stalk Neko Case (I kid!).

Anyway, enjoy the weekend! To get you started....

This song is on repeat in my life.

Amazing cat videos of the week: one and two.

Loving this style of home decor.

Apparently this Swedish lawn game is all the rage, Patrick's pretty into it.

Interesting article on making friends after a certain age.

Great sale happening over at Madewell (plus 30% off thru Monday!) I think I need these shorts.

POTUS and FLOTUS caught on the Kiss Cam-- so cute!

These fish tacos are a perfect summer treat, we made them last week with Mojitos for my mom's bday.

This looks like a dreamy vacation spot. 

Hilarious live-tweet breakup on a UK train...with epic ending!

The Ben and Jerry's truck wants to give you free Greek-FroYo.

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  1. Thanks for the info about Ben and Jerry's! I'll definitely be finding that truck!

    1. Let us know if you're successful! We are on the lookout as well!

  2. I love Kubb!! It's been a while since I've played but I've been thinking recently about trying to make a set.