Friday Roundup

Happy Weekend! Go read a book! I'm half way through 4 different ones right now. I love summer reading. We're off to shoot a wedding. What are you up to? Here are a few fun things to look at.

Yoga is good for you!

The New Yorker poses the question "Does Wes Anderson Hate Dogs?"

International Justice Mission's new campaign. There's recipes! 

The clothes Amy Winehouse never got to wear.

Who is "The Girl From Impanema"?

People Water: Great idea, great non-profit...also, they sell "#teamjef" shirts.

Pinstrosity: A blog of Pinterest projects gone wrong, some very very wrong.

VW Toaster. 

WebMD is doing "30 Days of Salads" on their Facebook and Twitter. This one looks great and this one.

Quote by George R.R. Martin via Petite Curie


  1. Just read the yoga article and emailed to my instructor. Yoga has made losing weight easier for me than all other exercise activities I've done such as 5 a.m. spin class, treadmill, etc. Relieving stress means I don't crave the sugar foods. Yoga works for me! And as my husband says, "Keep going to yoga as you aren't cranky anymore!"

  2. I've been wanting to get into yoga for ages. Maybe that article will be the motivation I need!